New Days of Old

If I wasn’t so contradictory I would give you my opinion.

When times are tough you will always see me here.

When time has past and it shows upon our faces.

You won’t distinguish this minute from each passing year.


I shiver outside when the rain comes down.

And the winds whip through the mountain.

Staying comfortable has been our greatest task.

But our lives mean much more without them.


I can’t help but wonder where we’re wondering to.

When our feet pick out the paths we walk down.

Inside I see it laid out; it’s hidden somewhere close.

And the door is so near my ears have caught sound.


There are dangers among us holding the cause.

It’s hard to break free from what has been known.

Triggering new, following you, venturing through.

To make sure we’re not leaves that were wind blown.



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