Mohawk In Motion Mission Statement: “It was just a mission statement.”

I’ve decided to take my blog in a different direction. If you follow me you may (or may not because you’ve got your own damn life going on) have noticed I’ve changed the look and name of my blog. As I expected when I started I needed to alter the direction I was going with this page. It turns out the things I write about are random, sometimes off the wall but more times than not motivational and empowering and I’m accepting that and running with it.

It turns out, I like the sound of poetry more than a deep meaning. I’ve come to realize I enjoy snarky and awkward characters in my stories. I like reading books that provide the reader with foundations for growth and passing them on. I’m very much into my health and fitness and can’t help but want to share and motivate others to take the same tough road I did. Also, to show people that you can push yourself to accomplish anything with the right attitude and information at your fingertips.

Most of all I can be awkward, weird, overly and unapologetically opinionated but with an understanding that I’m entitled to it without forcing it on others.

Oh, right and I don’t care if I’m 33 or 93 I’ve always loved having mohawks and it’s damn time I expressed myself in the ways I want without societal norms dictating my lifestyle.

My life has pivoted in the last four months from the man-child who spent his twenties and early thirties partying, whining about how unfair the world is, and pretending like he didn’t give a fuck to the stay-true-to-himself-man that treasures his individualism, understands the rules of the game and is finally ready to play it, and looks forward to the inevitable tough road ahead.

Mohawk In Motion is a way to deliver my unique voice as I explore my on going development in the many different facets of my life. I’m experiencing only forward motion and the failures I have and will experience will only help me to grow and pick up new momentum. As I continue to follow this path I will grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. Perpetual motion is the only choice I see in front of me now.

I hope that my failures and feats can help others that struggle to find their true passion in life. I believe that remaining faithful to who you are while putting in the time and always working to out due your previous self are essential traits to achieving the life you want.

But I have a sense of humor towards life. I do believe that we are players in one big game of our own creating. The game was created long before any of us who are breathing came along however we do control the rules to the game (which are constantly changing.) This may sound like a negative view of the world (and I’m from the NE of the United States so that’s in my blood) but I actually think it’s the opposite.

Games are meant to be fun and they can be frustrating when we’re losing but if we continue to play we continue to get better. If we approach the game with the understanding that it’s a game, it allows us to take it less seriously. This doesn’t mean that the game should be played with a lack of intensity because it must be to reach our full potential as players. It allows us to relax when we come against obstacles that slow us down and realize it’s time to step up our game and learn from these setbacks.

You can expect reviews of books that I feel the majority of people would benefit from. You can expect a sometimes playfully cynical voice overplayed by sarcastic self-pity and/or downplayed acerbic arrogance. You can expect poetry that rhymes, uses wordplay, and alliteration because I enjoy poetry that sounds pretty over free verse pontificating. You can expect short stories with bizarre, weird and most likely socially awkward characters because I believe much more of the world falls in that category than in the stereotypes we are exposed to in all the different forms of media. You can expect updates on my mental, spiritual, and physical developments. You can expect my opinion and you can take it for what it is, my opinion.

You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @mohawkinmotion as I bumble my way through the awkward psuedo-social interactions offered by their platforms. As my wife, Shae, and I travel further down the path towards our lives as self-employed writers/entrepreneurs you can look for our (soon to be launched) website There we will offer our amateur advice at living life as a millennial couple trying to remain true to ourselves as writers, artists, crafters, fashion novices, minimalist, health and fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and all around adventurers.

Mohawk In Motion. Because I’m never stopping even when I reach my goals (and I rock a hawk!)


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