A Blog A Day Keeps The Voices At Bay

I made the goal about three days into the month of June to post 15 times which I don’t think I have to tell you is basically every other day. After a poor showing in May (I think I posted three times) I wanted to give myself a kick in the ass to start taking this blogging thing a little more seriously.


A couple posts were definitely throw-aways that I put up just to help reach my goal. Quantity and quality seem to be of the same value in the blog game because there is a whole load of rubbish out there. There are some amazingly talented folks blogging and making a killing doing so and kudos to them. Then there are the garbage blogs with the useless, ‘why did I waste my time reading this’ kind of posts out there. The ones you can’t seem to avoid because of “click bait.”


Think about it. How often do you Google something with serious intentions and find nothing but blogs in response? The disheartening fact is that many people receive information from these places with no assurance that what they are reading is even true. (Side note: I feel I shouldn’t have to say this but you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Most of you don’t need to hear that but if one person is enlightened, ever, in the history of this post then I will feel accomplished in something.)


In comes the question of the media, responsibility, and the information we’re receiving and how much of it is actually credible. I hesitate to even bring the subject up in fear that I may say something inaccurate. This leads me to a deeper question, in my opinion. Who are the people out there posting their opinions as if they are fact or at the least not fact-checking properly and sleeping at night? Furthermore, whom are the idiots reading this information and taking it as fact? (See side note in above paragraph)


I’ve got news for you. Anyone can start a blog. I did. You’re reading it right now or you’re not, (in which case you can’t actually tell I’m speaking to you.) This truth is that in itself, is what bothers me about blogs. Absolutely, you can find an unknown out there with a real talent (mmhhmm) for writing but for every one of those there are countless trolls, critics, nutjobs, crackpots, gossipers, and fashion bloggers out there (kidding fashion bloggers, not kidding.)


I worry about my voice and if what I have to say is worth putting out there. Does anyone care? Could I be any more insecure? (Rule No. 1 to deter people from following your blog: Constantly whine about your lack of self-confidence.) But seriously the handful of followers I’ve managed to gain and likes I have received have been confidence boosting but I wonder if they actually enjoy what I have to say or are trying to build their own following. It makes me wonder and also shines a light on my apparent trust issues.


Clearly I need to speak to a professional about this but as you can see I have a .wordpress in my website which means I can’t even afford the $36 a year it would cost to have a basic plan with a custom domain.


After this month of bi-daily posts (bi-daily?) I’m realizing that I need to revamp my page with a new theme, name, headline, about page; the works. I knew that after a while I would maybe head in different direction with this blog. Honestly, I just started it to get myself out there and get over the fear of people reading my stuff so mission accomplished in the regard.


I plan on renaming my page from Read On to Need On. It’s all about how needy I am. I’ll include a donation widget on my sidebar but I won’t ask for monetary donations. I don’t think I deserve those. You can donate reassurance to me. With your contribution of an “Atta’boy”, “Keep on keeping on”, or “Just keep typing” I will be able to continue the pursuit of my dream of making a living as a writer. Any donation will be much appreciated (and sorely needed.)


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