Love the Struggle


As the final ice cube in my glass appears as bubbles or a tiny solid sliver becoming unrecognizable, I question the finality of everything. Life is always moving, always changing and forever spiraling. The death of one organic material gives life to another and so on. We are walking, talking organic compost that will serve to help a patch of grass grow or a daffodil bloom after a seemingly infinite but more accurately fleeting hiccup of what we refer to as a human life. Our insistence on our importance in the universe only serves us while we are conscious and will cease the second our redox is complete. Although final to our consciousness it is not absolute to the organic material that consists of the form we have manifested during the blink of the universe’s eye that is human life. With such inevitability one must understand that life of a conscious being cannot be wasted in the pursuit of frivolity. This does not mean human life cannot be enjoyed but the contrary; the only way to truly enjoy life of consciousness is to reach for the highest level of personal accomplishment. Being remembered by other conscious beings is the only way to truly show that one lived a life of purpose rather than a life of mere survival. Long passed are the days when humankind’s only goals were to make it to the next sunrise and produce offspring. This we have mastered and continue to improve on both practically and quixotically. As we continue to enhance the comforts of life we must not begin to become complacent and allow ourselves to be blinded by said comforts, which promise happiness but mask what our true nature as humans has always been. We must, on an individual level, push ourselves to reach our own separate definitions of greatness. The struggle to survive has been mastered but the need to struggle is engrained within us. This struggle makes the completion, the accomplishment, the obtainment the sweetest form of happiness we can achieve. Why do we love our children so much? Reproducing is not hard; in fact we love the act procreation more than almost anything in life. The accomplishment is not having the child but producing something that is a part of us that will live on after we do. It is the obtainment of a certain type of immortality that we cannot acquire on our own. The struggle of raising the child to completion is the greatest form of happiness we can experience as conscious beings. I think, therefore I am. I am here and at the pinnacle because I am conscious. With this consciousness I must strive to make my miniscule time in the universe in this current organic form the best that I can. Not try but do because the reason I personally have this awareness isn’t because I was made special as Peter Gordon Lepere. I was made special because against implausible odds I became aware and I was given a chance to understand what the struggle to survive really means. It means a finite time to accomplish infinite greatness. Every moment spent with frivolous pursuits or honest pursuits without the inclusion of significance is a short moment lost at the time but adds up to a staggering regret at life’s end. It is said we don’t regret the things we did but the things we never tried. Life is frightful because our nature is to survive and avoid things that we fear even when we know that real harm is nonexistent. Regret is a direct result of our basic urge to survive tricking us into taking the easy way out, choosing comfort over pain, or avoiding the greatness that comes from struggle. Life is the willingness to struggle and finding the pleasure in it. Love the Struggle.


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