Recurring Nightmare


I panicked and I ran

But had no place to go

You came out coldly creeping

Leaving footprints in the snow


I ducked behind the first tree I found

But saw you closing in

You were so damn relentless

I felt the frost upon my skin


With a hop I took off to my left

And tried not to turn around

I knew if you saw my face

You would forever hunt me down


I neared the end and felt a break

In the panic that you produced

But looked up to see you dead ahead

With fresh blood upon your shoes


I only made it a mile or so

When I finally figured it out

I couldn’t hear your crunching boots

Because you took a different route


I realized rather quickly

That what you had actually done

Was taken the right when I went left

And your walk turned to a run


If it hadn’t been for my reflexes

I would have ran into your range

You’d sink your teeth into my flesh

Feasting with your frothing fangs


I managed to make my escape

Away from your grotesque grasp

The ground was slick and I slipped

But I recovered rather fast


On my feet you’re an arm’s length from me now

And I am nearly to a door

I reach out for the latch as you leap

I gasp in fright only to hear a snore


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