We Lost The Sea


(Image courtesy of We Lost The Sea. I came across this band and their album, Departure Songs, randomly on YouTube one night and this poem was a result so I named it after the band. Check them out they are very talented.)


We build pyramids and modes of transportation

We carve hieroglyphs and grow with anticipation

We sell to one another and sell ourselves short

We can speak many languages with no hesitation


We have traveled near and far and conquered the moon

We breathe underwater and face impending doom

We steal and rape and murder and beguile at will

We exceed every expectation wherever we have room


We are constant and conscious and calculated

We lose but win and are extremely educated

We forage, we gather, we hunt and diversify

We create reasons to live and religion to be curated


We laugh and cry and scream and feel love and feel loss

We make fire and food and foie gras and dipping sauce

We roll on wheels and rock and drugs and deodorant

We work together in the dirt and can be somebody’s boss


We use, reuse, recycle, reinvent, retire with disregard

We fix our flaws and faucets and pop pills that will enlarge

We hold ourselves accountable to pay accounts payable

We move by car and truck and train and plane and barge


We battle in war and fight for futures of family‘s fame

We evolve our biology and write biographies in our name

We solve issues and make tissues to hide our sense of shame

We have what we need and want and forget who is to blame


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