Love Letter, From Prisoner No. 16J45567


Would you call me bat-shit crazy

If I told you that I love you

Would you think me quite insane

To hear I hold no one above you


Did you think I lost my marbles

When I tattooed your name on me

Did you believe I had a screw loose

When I got down on one knee


Have you doubted my mental state

The times I surprised you with flowers

Have you wondered if I am ill

Sometimes when I run you steamy showers


Are you worried that I have lost it

Whenever I show up at your window

Are you concerned with my mental health

When I whisked you away to that château


Is there a problem with my mind

When I wait behind the corner

Is there an issue causing concern

Then why the restraining order


Could you think me somewhat nutty

For sending my blood in a vial

Could you misjudge me as bonkers

You’re spending money on a trial


Was my brain the cause for alarm

Or the gifts in your locked apartment

Was my love so maniacal

Or the night of the bombardment


Did it come off as kind of cuckoo

When you found me in your clothes

Did it make you think I’m a wackjob

When you woke up in the Poconos


Would you describe me as psychotic

To learn that I have met your parents

Would new evidence still mark me mad

To learn I told them of your disappearance


Am I crazy to be in love with you

I do, I gave you my mother’s necklace

Am I maybe just the one for you

I proved it, by killing all your exes


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