The Neurotic Romantic

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Lay where you’re lying.

My dear we’re dying.

Eventually I mean.

Not specifically right this moment; I mean there’s no telling when we could go; it could quite possibly be today but we have no way of knowing such things unless you’re psychic or have a time machine. Wait, do you have a time machine?


Now is our moment.

Our love is potent.

It is strong and forever.

Well not forever, per say, because forever is longer than the human mind can even calculate since the universe is almost 14 billion years old already and we’ll probably be lucky to make it to a hundred unless we kickoff early like I mentioned before but I’m pretty optimistic in that particular endeavor.


Pull you in closer.

Losing composure.

I want you here and now love.

Honestly though, only if you’re up to it. I don’t want to pressure you into anything and have you resent me down the line because you felt forced or something like that. I’d prefer to wait for when we’re both ready and believe me, I know I can lock down this fervor and rise above.


Our bodies entwined.

One thing on my mind.

In flagrante delicto.

Sorry, that’s Latin I believe. I’m not trying to seem pompous or anything, it’s like one of four phrases I know in Latin and I’m not even sure what it means. I could be using it wrong but I think it’s something like caught in the act though.


Your pleasure comes first.

I control my thirst.

Your enjoyment is my own.

I assume you’re enjoying this; you certainly are putting on an amazing act if you’re not but what do I know about the female orgasm. I only know what I’ve seen in pornography which, arguably is not the best way to learn but sex was not something my parents ever discussed in my home.


You are a giver.

Bliss you deliver.

I cannot control my lust.

That is incredible but if you could just slow down for a minute it would really help me make this more of memorable experience. Well, I want it to be memorable for the right reason if you know what I mean and in order for that to happen taking it slow is a must.


Our desires have peaked.

True passion is reached.

We near harmonious ends.

Wait, you are close right? I’m not sure where we landed before on whether you were, you know, “getting off” or not and I don’t want to seem selfish because I’m not I will stay here all day if that’s what this situation calls for just to make amends.


Beautiful ending.

Our souls ascending.

We reach absolute apex.

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry I just can’t hold onto it any longer. Are you close? You’re close right? You don’t really seem like you are but I’m so sorry I just can’t. That usually doesn’t happen. You’re just so beautiful and it’s been a long time since I’ve had sex.


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