Free Comic Book Day


Tomorrow (it might already be for you) is free comic book day! Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate the comic book. If you’re a reader and you turn your nose up at comic books I’m asking you to reconsider.


Okay, it’s not your genre. Maybe you prefer non-fiction. Guess what? They make non-fiction graphic novels not only to turn children onto reading but also for learning about historical figures, among other things (and they’re not all for kids.) Are you fan of mystery? No worries, they have those too and in fact the earliest comic books, that we consider the standard for today, were detective stories.


Let’s not forget comic books outdate any form of books and written word. We communicated via cave paintings before we formed letters and words. Put that in your uppity “comic books aren’t real literature” pipe and smoke it.


It’s amazing to see comics being revitalized and introduced to younger generations with the help of Hollywood too. (This blog isn’t about the accuracy or portals of your heroes on screen so lets not get into that here, just enjoy them for what they are, great entertainment.) Now, arguably, the biggest genre revolution in film maybe ever, (yes, that’s a bold statement and I only have my opinion to back it up but if someone wants to do the leg work it would be interesting to know for sure) the “superhero genre” has dominated the box office and shows no signs of stopping. I am a superhero nerd and love that all of my favorite characters from childhood (mmmhmm, and adulthood) have come to live action.


However, don’t forget comic books, although dominated by the superhero genre, span well beyond the reaches of Wonder Woman and the Guardians of the Galaxy, and include every type of story you could hope for including mystery, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, children’s, young adult, humor, historical, true crime, and more.


Okay, maybe it’s the art that detours you from giving comics their fair shake. Notice I called it art first and foremost. The men and women who delight their readers with astonishing artwork are no less talented than any artist that might be featured in a gallery. So what, you put art on a wall it’s for adults; you put it in a book it’s for kids? How does that make sense? You’re thinking, ‘the last time I read something with pictures I was a child so clearly comics are just for kids.’ Negative. In fact, there are plenty of comics not suitable for children (if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.)


No more excuse, take the time tomorrow and stop into your local comic shop. Ask for help if you need it and they will gladly assist you because every comic reader is excited to help a new reader discover a cool comic book. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you like or don’t like. Most stores will be participating in the festivities so take advantage of a free comic (and also give them your patronage) and you might be surprised at what new world is waiting for you. For more information check out


I mean come on, if they make adult coloring books that millions aren’t afraid of buying then there should be no shame in walking out of a comic shop proudly displaying your new issue.


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