The Cursed Cursor

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.24.52 PM

The blinking cursor haunts me. It follows me everywhere I go. I desperately try to outrun it only to realize its one pace ahead of me every step of the chase. Why must you terrorize me so cursor? With your metronomic sidelong stoic smile mocking my every keystroke. How dare you laugh at my attempts for purity, for honesty, for creativity! You continue to knock, relentlessly with no indication that you can be stifled. I peek through the door’s lens to see an askew finish line only to realize it’s a flashing hallucination. Do you tease me cursor? Am I an infant in your eyes? How can you be so crass towards someone who welcomes the sight of you each day? I look forward to our time but you plague my every thought. You are panic attack while flying a jetliner full of passengers. You are a shark attack during a tsunami. You are gravity inside an endless vacuum. Please work with me cursor. Let us unite to fight the evils of obstruction. I will be your humble Dick to your magnificent Bruce. Let me shower your graciousness with a thousand words in exchange for a brief moment of clarity and continuity. I beg of you cursor. I am your subservient servant selling myself to your symmetrical sporadic stance. Each disappearing blink leads me to believe that you’ve accepted my thought only to have you reappear with retribution. You curse me cursor. You hypnotize my hippocampus. You have broken my Brocca and wounded my Wernicke. You flicker and I frown. You twinkle and I tear. You eat at my every being and only demand more from me. A shapeless anorexic Pac-Man with no ghosts on your heels and only your word biscuits to chew up and spit out in contempt. How dare you cursor! You haven’t the strength or tenacity to create anything for yourself. All you do is take and never give. You only give heartache and headache and backache and the dreaded carpal tunnel. You have not won today cursor. You continue to calculate your every cursed curse, cursor and I will not have it! Your cursory attempts at delaying me to reach true originality are a nuisance at best and will be put to an end here and now! You curse me? I curse you! I curse you to a lifelong pursuit of never ending cursing without ever feeling content!


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